Bello Belgo welcomes new members!

Last week, the Bello Belgo team welcomed 3 new members to its team: Sander Glas, Bram Vercamer, and Katelijne Bax. They are three people with an excellent background, a great attitude  and a heart for development work joined our young theam of enthusiasts.

Welcome to all of them!

Our new members come from Belgiuim’s  main university cities: Bram is currently studying Global Management at the University of Antwerp, and is a graduate in European Politics there. Katelijne studied Arts, Culture and Law in Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve, and now works in Brussels. And Sander is finishing his law degree at the University of Ghent. All of them share an interest in development cooperation, and have a broad experience in international projects.

Sander, Bram and Katelijne were welcomed in person by Michiel Thiessen, our HR director. They will immediately become active in our organization, working on the different objectives in our Embajadas project, alongside our partners of Embajadores Comunitarios.  You can find the profiles of our new members here.

On top of these three active project members, we welcome Bart Nelissen as our new legal adviser. Bart is a law graduate of the University of Antwerp, a civil cervant and a doctoral student at the KULeuven.

We look forward to working with our new team!

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