Unidad 1 – “Estamos en Salamanca”

The Bello Belgo team has arrived in Salamanca! Guay!

To prepare ourselves for our project in Caracas, we need to start with the most urgent: learn spanish. We have signed up for a two week intensive language course at the famous Universidad de Salamanca, Spain’s oldest university.

Back to the books and being in class on time, it feels pretty nostalgic. For the next 10 days we will engage ourselves to follow courses in grammar, communication, lexicon and South-American history…And all of this right in the heart of the historic centre of Salamanca (‘La Ciudad Dorada’), showing us its Renaissance beauty.

Having classes with people from Iceland, Malaysia, South-Africa, Russia, Dubai, South-Korea, etc…puts us on the right track towards  full cultural integration…

¡Hasta manaña!

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