Unidad 2 – El fin de semana ha llegado!

So, the weekend has arrived! To us, that means that a busy work week has come to an end and… it’s time to enjoy Salamanca’s cultural and social life! Vamos!

Every day, we’ve gone to 5 hours of Spanish classes at University, covering the widest topics. Here’s a non-exhaustive overview:

  • Spanish history (did you know Queen Joana ‘the Mad’ and King Philip ‘the Beautiful married in the beautiful Flemish town Lier?),
  • Spanish cinema (the creepy movie ‘Tesis’ scared us all, but it’s a must see!)

And of course… we’re slowly but surely progressing on our Spanish grammar (soy, eres, es, somos, e… estis…. fueisteis?)

But of course, we have duties for our Venezuelan project as well. In our free hours all of us work on presentations, all with a specific focus:

  • Koen, webmaster, is our very own paparazzo, following us every where we go with his camera
  • Kin Chi, intercultural exchanger leader, is trying to make Belgian and European politics clear to our Venezuelan friends (not easy!)
  • Michael, educational officer, puts the last hand on our ‘soft skill’ presentations: how to negotiate, facilitation,group dynamics,… (thank you, ProCom!)

So after a week full of Spanish lessons and power point presentations, it’s safe to say: we deserved to go for some tapas and cervezas in this beautiful city! Hasta luego!

Written by Peter

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