Unidad 3 – Mezclando Brujas y Lovaina en España

Today was a special day in Salamanca: el Dia de la Mujeres, the Day of the Women! Everywhere in the city, women wandered around the streets, while men sang them songs to show them their appreciation, and bought them dinner to impress them. Having no specific Salamantin girls to impress, we took this day as an opportunity to discover the Old City of Salamanca.

With its 2 cathedrals, its University and its Plaza Mayor, Salamanca truly deserves the title of UNESCO world heritage. Walking around here feels a bit like being in Leuven and Bruges at the same time: Salamanca has the look and feel of a medieval city, but the dynamism and youth of a University town. No wonder thus that this city is flooded by tourists. And they – and we –  have enough history to digest: the university was founded back in 1218, as the fourth university in Western Europe (Bologna, Paris and Oxford succeeded Salamanca). Later famous people like discoverer Christopher Columbus, conquistador Hernan Cortes, medicin Andres Vesalius or Saint Ignatius of Loyola studied, lectured or lived in the city. A city would deserve to be Cultural capital of Europe for less! After our cultural walk , we cooked some good old Kempische boerenkost, and had a Cruzcampo to go with it. A perfect way to spend a weekend! Hasta la proxima!


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  1. Pretty! You describe the topic very well. Thanks once again for the push!