Unidad 5 – Hasta Luego Salamanca!

So it’s weekend again! After another week of Spanish and preparations, we get some time to look backwards… and forward!

Yesterday we finished our last classes, meaning it was time to say goodbye to our classmates and teachers. It was heartwarming to see how many of them wished us good luck with our project. Although it was a short period, we enjoyed Salamanca, its university and its people a lot, and for sure we will come back!

But every end means a new beginning, and for us this means that our flight to Venezuela is getting closer and closer…Exciting!

Over the last couple of weeks we got a lot questions what our project was really about. Well, here goes: with our Bello Belgo project, we are aiming for two things:

  • First, we want to support and strengthen ‘Embajadores Comunitarios’. This is an educational project in Caracas that intends to increase the number of high school students from poor areas to start and succeed in university studies. About this part of the project we will write more extensively in the coming days, and you can read about it here as well.
  • Second, we are doing a intercultural exchange with our Venezuelan counterparts. That means we’ll be getting to know each other’s culture, habits, language and gastronomy (Belgian chocolate, anyone?). Every week, we organize an ‘intercultural activity’, where we present to each other one of these aspects. This part of the project is financed by the Flemish Government, who has a subsidy line for ‘global youth projects’ (interesting!).

We’re leaving to Venezuela on Monday morning, but after the video that was sent to us by our Venezuelan friends, we can hardly wait! Hasta luego!

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