Balanza final: SIMUN ’11

Last Sunday was the last day of SiMUN; time to make an evaluation!

During these 3 days of committee sessions, our students got the chance to measure their selves with their counterparts from private schools. And that proved to be a real challenge!

Passionate speaking by two of UCABMUN-kids

Some of our ‘delegates’ seemed a bit overwhelmed at first, being confronted with the ‘private school kids’: young people dressed in branded clothes, white skin (yes… it’s true!), a backpack filled with universal knowledge… Quite impressive. Viclaimy for example, a very promising girl from our Don Pedro school, didn’t dare to speak during the whole first day. “The others stole all my ideas”, she told us almost in tears. But maybe the fact that she was out of her natural ‘comfort zone’, played the real crucial role?  Surrounded by people she normally never meets, in a place in Caracas she never comes… who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable?

But as the sessions went  by, our students gained more self confidence and decided to go for it. In our ‘Lunar Committee’ for example, our delegates Edward and Victor “kicked some ass”. Representing ‘Scandinavia’ in a futurist committee on ‘how to divide the moon?’, they resolutely took the lead, speaking, negotiating and debating their way to the top of the committee. “In our first year we were overwhelmed by the students from other school too” Victor told me “but we got used to that now and we know we’re worth just as much”

America won an award!

And the hard work paid off in the end: our students won an award and 3 of our students were mentioned during the speech of the committee presidents. “But more important than the prizes”, one of our delegates said, “is the fact that we’ve learned that by working hard, we can make experiences like this happen – an opportunity we didn’t have before.”

For our delegates, as for us, this weekend has been a reward for all the work so far. And more than that, as our Venezuelan coordinator Andres said “we have made a group that is like a second family.”


UCABMUN kids delegation at SIMUN-conference

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