ChaMun – un trabajo bien hecho!

Sunday noon, enjoying the beautiful view on the city and the mountain Avila from the Colegio Champagnat on the hills of Caurimare. It’s the 3th and final day of the “ChaMUN”, the “Champagnat Model of United Nations” and the kids are attending the last committees. These last sessions are rather a formality because the winners have already been decided. In this smaller (than the SiMUN or ViMUN, but not less important) model, the only participating school from the UCABMUN-organization is the Colegio Andy Apericio from the La Vega Barrio. I can tell you: they did a great job they!

Different than the other participants, the kids from La Vega stay over at night because it’s not really safe to travel back to the barrio after 6 in the evening. However this sleep-over gives them the advantage of strengthening the team spirit. Eating together the best hamburguesas de la calle, playing soccer in team, evaluating the topics discussed in their respective committees: it all contributes to the motivation of performing even better for the day ahead.

Within following 3 committees, our delegates debated about for most 17-year-old not common themes:

  • The UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency, not to confuse with the UNHRC, the human rights council) dealt with the fate of Palestinian refugees. The major problems are the living conditions, the unrecognized refugees in Israel and the increasing amount of refugees in neighboring countries.

    In the debate!

  • The members of the General Assembly searched for a common ground on how to fight child prostitution, how to eradicate, to prevent and to sanction child pornography and in general, how to increase the rights of children.
  • The Security Council, finally treated the complicated Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict about the independence of Nagorno Karabakh. Etnic Armenians, the majority of the people in this region seek to join Armenia or to become independent. Azerbaijan however seeks to preserve its national integrity and therefore obstructs this separation.

Pedro & José

In comparison to the SiMUN, some of our kids haven taken major steps forwards. But more important, we have improved our skills as a group. During the conference, almost everybody rose their placard and stood up to talk. The results of a new wind of improvement were clearly present. Angie e.g., who barely dared to talk last SiMUN, got out of her seat and gave a speech to a group of 40 people! Moreover, Arcángel got the First Honorable Mention for his diplomatic skills in the Security Council. And last but not least: Gabriela ended up as Best Delegate in the UNHCR for her overwhelming and tremendous knowledge about the Palestinian situation, outperforming all other participants!

Honorable Mention!

But what would our school do without a strong lead? I have to recognize: one of the other hero’s of the weekend was Carlota, faculty coordinator of Andy Aparicio and on top of that organizer of the whole ChaMUN.  Without her this wonderful weekend wouldn’t have been possible!

Thanks a lot everyone!

For pictures of the weekend, have a look here!

¡Hasta pronto!


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