El trabajo en equipo: no es facil

Another week has passed by, thus time for another Bello-Belgo update! Last Thursday, another Procom session was scheduled with as subject teambuilding! And this time, it was meant to be a highly interactive session, where the teambuilding skills of our UCABMUN colleagues were tested. Muy interesante!

Michael the Teambuilder

Our presentator of the day, Michael, took off with the theoretical part. According to Tuckman’s stages of group development, every team goes through 5 stages : forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Here, The Simpsons again proved the multi-applicability of this crazy family. Next, it was time to tell a bit more about the 9 different roles of a team. Using the players of FC Barcelona as example, the corresponding characters of each role became more clear.

Then it was time to test our teambuilding-skills: the NASA exercise. Two teams were formed and their task was easy: survive on the moon. Out of a list of 15 items, they had to rank them in terms of their importance. The NASA solution would finally tell them if they would have survived or not (play the game yourself  here!). But the best exercise was left for the final: the ZIN-obelisk. In this exercise, again 2 teams were given a problem-solving game. Each participant received an amount of paper pieces with (ir)relevant information, but only verbal communication was allowed between each other. Fun guaranteed (especially when we told them that a group of 4 genius business-engineers solved the game in only 13 minutes…)! While one group was more calm and quiet in their attempt to solve the game, a lot of noise and sighs were observed at the other side of the room (remembering us of our DISC-presentation that revealed different characters).

Peter the Birthdayboy

After these brain-cracking excercises, it was time for another special moment : lights were dimmed and the cake was brought in the room, feliz cumpleaños Pedro! A couple of drinks later, we all went satisfied back to our casas: the adjourning phase had begon.

Hasta luego!


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