Los estudiantes a descubrir sus colores

To perform like ‘eagles’ on our last and most important competition of the year (the ViMUN competition) Bello Belgo prepared some secret power potion for our students from the Barrios: the extended DISC presentation. Last Saturday we presented it to our students and it had a major impact! With their permission, we now also spread the theory amongst our readers…

The theory of ‘Extended DISC’ is simple:  by categorizing people along two axis of behavior, you can understand the way they behave and know how to get along with them.

  • The first axis is the way you express yourself: are you more introverted or extraverted?
  • The second axis is the way you take decisions: are you someone who says what he feels (a feeler) or someone who says what he thinks (a thinker). In other words: do you talk before you think of vice versa?
DISCover the colors

Our kids looked very interested when they heard that, and started asking lots of questions. Being only half of a Spanish speaker, this inquisition of question wasn’t quite easy to handle. Luckily, in those moments, we have our Venezuelan counterparts to save us from our enthusiast students. So continuing the presentation, our lovely colleague Valeria took over.

Knowing what kind of a person is along these axises, we explained to our students, helps you know how to deal with them. If you are yellow (extraverted feelers), you like it that people give you compliments and listen to everything you say. However if you are blue (introverted thinkers), you don’t like too many conversations: just set out the rules and that’ll do.

Our kids glazed from amazement after hearing this theory; they started applying it right away to everyone they saw around them. “You are blue, you follow rules!”, Dorian yelled at Vicleimy. “And you are yellow” Williamna commented to Valeria.

Cable car

After all gotten heavily impressed from this new amazing theory, our kids wanted to give us something back as a “thank you”. So they invited us for a tour over their barrio by ‘metro cable’, a sort of ski lift but then to go from one hill to the other in Caracas.

A ski lift in Caracas, really? Yes, it is true: “this is a metro cable for the people” president Chavez informs us when we get on the lift “and the ultimate goal is to provide every barrio with one. By now, we know that Venezuela is a very polarized country when it comes to politics. But truth be told: this is cable car is an impressive piece of work.

After a joyful ride on the metro cable, overlooking all of the ‘San Agustin del Sur’ neighbourhood, we went home satisfied. What a wonderful weekend again in Caracas!


Barrios view on the city

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