Jugamos Footboooool!

After having received  Procom’s teambuilding session last week, it was about time to put this theory into practice. We decided to host a football competition with our kids, with the grateful cooperation of Club Brugge and Ronald Vargas, my favourite team and player!

Many thanks to Mr. Gheysen, the president of the social department of Club Brugge, who took up our project in their unit of  cross-border social projects. This community project , called ‘Allemoale Thope’ (All together), was founded in 2007 with the mission of supporting local and  international social projects that contribute to the integration, development and the improvement of life standards of certain populations that are in need. Club Brugge therefore decided to support the Bello-Belgo project both through financial, logistical and PR-related means.

After drinking tons of water, it was time to say goodbye to our kids. This was our last session with them and saying farewell was not an easy task for us. A big group hug and many handshakes later, the jeep arrived to bring them safely home. They were the reason of our presence. They teached us that NOTHING is impossible.

After the game, it was straight to the next teambuilding event: the Bello-Belgo goodbye bbq to thank all our UCABMUN faculties. While preparing the veggies and making a typical Belgian ‘potatoe-salad’, our Venezuelan counterparts were grilling the puntos, chorizos and morcillas.

Together with some fine Santa Teresa drinks, we ended a very nice barbeque dinner by Venezuelan sunset…

Hasta Luego!


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