Bello Belgo and Embajadores Communitarios win Zuiddag/Southday competition!

Fantastic news: the joint project ‘Embajadas Communitarias’ of Bello Belgo and Embajadores Communitarios is the 2012 Zuiddag/Southday competition winner!

After months of intense preparation, the project was selected out of 7 other projects to receive the funds and expertise of the 2012 fundraising campaign of Zuiddag/Southday!

Last year, the Zuiddag campaign raised  money in several hundreds of Flemish schools. A similar effort is expected this year. Moreover, the Zuiddag team has experience with similar projects in the past and will be guiding us along the way with their expertise. This means that the project ‘Embajadas Communitarias’ will have the means to directly support over 7 schools and hundreds of school students for the next 5 years.

We will keep you posted on further progress and hope to stay in touch with many of you to make the zuiddag project a big and lasting success!

Should you want more info on ‘Embajadas Communitarias’, then you can watch our grant winning video on

More info on Zuiddag (dutch) can be found on  

More info on Embajadores Communitarios can be found on 

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