Participants discuss how to set up their first Embajada. Belgian ambassadors of the Zuiddag vzw listen in

What are Embajadas? 

Embajadas Comunitarias, or Community Embassies, are at the same time physical “safe havens” for youth in Caracas to meet each other, and the conceptual umbrellas under which the youth set up and carries out social projects to tackle a specific problem in their community.

As a whole, the Embajadas are part of a joint venture between Bello Belgo Foundation and Fundacion Embajadores Communitarios of Venezuela, funded by Zuiddag vzw of Belgium.

Where  can I find the Embajadas? 

The program has its community headquarters in different participating communities in Caracas. Our first Embajada is currently being set up. The Embajadas are established inside the school building of participating schools, and equipped with resources provided by a Zuiddag grant.

What are the objective and the goals of the Embajadas project? 

The intermediate objective of Embajadas is to make the youth capable of taking their fate into their own hands and improving the quality of their lives and that of those around them, by utilizing an educational methodology and providing them with the necessary resources and support

By achieving this objective, the Embajadas program will pave the way towards achieving higher goals, which include:

  • Formalize a network of highly skilled young people who altogether will become agents of change.
  • Contribute to reducing the equity gap between rich and poor through instilling leadership skills, increasing opportunities, and strengthening the relationships among members of the network.
  • Achieve sustainability and economic independence for the Embajadas program by the end of the agreement period by means of utilizing the educational methodology and results to fundraise.

What are the specific objectives (SOs) of this project?) 

There are four specific objectives through which we try to achieve our higher goal.

SO 1: Create a safe haven for the youth in the Venezuelan slums so they can gather and meet safely, and develop themselves free from the dangers that so often surround them.  

SO 2 (the spill of the project): Instruct the youth with an array of personal and professional skills, with the aim of helping them succeed in their life during and after school. These skills will be hand over to new generations of participants in the Embajadas. (i.e. general skills in the field of teamwork, management and planning, as well as more specific professional skills such as IT, production and communication)

SO 3: Impact the community life through social projects designed and implemented by the youth, especially adapted to the community needs.  

SO 4: Achieve a sustainable model for the Embajadas, with a positive impact on the community life and economy

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