Friends of Bello Belgo (speaker events)



How does development cooperation work anno 2013? What are best practices, which models are outdated? How does the financing of development cooperation work, and how efficient is it done? What is the best, government led or non government led development cooperation? To all these questions, Friends of Bello Belgo tries to define an answer.

Friends of Bello Belgo is at the same time a low-key way to get involved with our organization, and a way to update yourself on the current state of NGO – development cooperation.

Starting May 12, 2013, Bello Belgo is organizing a series of speaker events, debates, and gatherings open for all. It will be Bello Belgo’s main way to communicate with the Belgian public, updating them on what is currently happening in Embajadas, our joint project in Venezuela. It will also be a way for interested individuals to learn the latest theory and practice of how development cooperation works anno 2013.

Our first event, organized in Leuven on May 12, and called “Culture Clash”, will be a non-paid event. As of then, interested “Friends of Bello Belgo” will be asked to make a contribution in the form of a yearly membership fee. In return they will get invitations for at least four speaker events. Current members and Alumni of Bello Belgo can attend the events free of charge.

If you want to know more about the next Friends of Bello Belgo event, or you would like to become a Friend of Bello Belgo, please contact our two Friends of Bello Belgo officers: Filip Monte and Alexandre Tangton.

List of upcoming Friends of Bello Belgo events:
Culture Clash: Working in Venezuela, anno 2013

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