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Bello Belgo is an organization of “twenty-some” young professionals and graduate students. What connects is a passion for development cooperation, a can-do attitude and the will to change something in the world.

We are convinced that development cooperation, even on the smallest scale, can make a difference in the regions where we are active. To do so, we set up joint projects with local partners in the South.

Would you like to become active in Bello Belgo? You can!

We generally do not select applicants based on their resume. What matters in the end, is

  • Your willingness to spend time on the project (at least once a two week trip to Venezuela, and at least 2 hours every week for ongoing assignments),
  • Your knowledge of languages (Basic Spanish is a must to work in Venezuela, English a must if you only want to work ┬áin Belgium)
  • Your ability to take ownership on given assignments (we do not micromanage)
In return for your efforts we can offer you personal and professional development that is hard to find elsewhere. Indeed,
  • You’ll change your view about what is means to work in development cooperation
  • You’ll learn how to work interculturally, with people from a culture very different from ours
  • You’ll learn to manage a project involving real people, real funds, where your individual efforts fit into a bigger picture of team efforts

Applications are welcome year round, please e-mail Peter and Michiel.

Note we do not offer paid positions.

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