Bienvenido en Caracas!

Finally! Two weeks of intensive preparation and a 10 hour Iberia-flight later, we landed save and well on Venezuelan ground. The final ‘modus operandi’ of our project could begin. A warm welcome by our Venezuelan friends as well as a tropical Caribbean breeze set the perfect scene immediately.

Our intercultural exchange started as from the moment …

Unidad 4 – Let us introduce you Ronald, our Godfather

Some weeks ago the Bello Belgo team succeeded in one of its biggest missions: to find a godfather for the Foundation. A person well-known in Belgium and having Venezuelan roots? We didn’t have to look that far…

One of the best players at the moment on belgian’s soccer fields is a Venezuelan international, named Ronald Vargas! …

Unidad 2 – El fin de semana ha llegado!

So, the weekend has arrived! To us, that means that a busy work week has come to an end and… it’s time to enjoy Salamanca’s cultural and social life! Vamos!

Every day, we’ve gone to 5 hours of Spanish classes at University, covering the widest topics. Here’s a non-exhaustive overview:

Spanish history (did you know Queen Joana …

Unidad 1 – “Estamos en Salamanca”

The Bello Belgo team has arrived in Salamanca! Guay!

To prepare ourselves for our project in Caracas, we need to start with the most urgent: learn spanish. We have signed up for a two week intensive language course at the famous Universidad de Salamanca, Spain’s oldest university.

Back to the books and being in class on time, it …

WWW welcomes Bello Belgo

Dear reader,

We are happy to announce that Bello Belgo has found its way to the World Wide Web!!
We welcome you to follow the activities of the Bello Belgo team.

This is our first post and many more will follow…

Enjoy reading!